Residential extensions calculations

What are SAP Calculations for extensions?

These SAP Calculations are completely different to a design SAP for a new build.  The calculation is used to demonstrate that your extension complies with Part L1B Building Regulations.  There are three different calculations that can be done and EBSNI have specialists who can carry these out.  These are:

Elemental compliance

Calculated trade off

Equivalent carbon (2 SAPs)

The calculation is only needed when the heating system is extended into the extension, therefore increasing the energy needed to heat the dwelling and the extension.

If the area of the openings in the extension exceeds 25% of the floor area then either a calculated trade off or an equivalent carbon calculation will be needed. The equivalent carbon calculation needs to produce SAP calculations to show that the overall carbon emissions will not exceed the target set by building control

From October Part L 2010 comes into force and a new calculation called SAP 2009 calculations will used to demonstrate compliance.


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